Concerns won’t save us. Become Yourself!

When your eyes are open, you are able to see what is going on, with your own specific skillset. And this is very important, Why? Because everybody is in nature ‘unique’, but when fallen into the adulthood trap, especially set to deprive people of their greatest power, and render it useless, people become a nobody.

They loose their individuality, in favor of ‘the group’, which does not exist. That is also an illusion.

Looking for someone to copy, to look up to. Becoming an ‘adult’ means exchange your inner child to a fake world, an illusion you can’t control, because it is controlled by others, who did this for thousands of years, and became better and better at it.

Imagination: Your unlimited power!

This illusion is designed to trap everybody in the whole world, and enslave them, and leech of them, us. Unless you reclaim your inner child, officially declare yourself ‘unadulted’, you won’t be able to use your imagination the way you did when you were a child.

To make your unique powers work, you will have to embrace your inner child!

I know, somewhere i said: We don’t ‘have’ to do anything, which is also correct. But in order to make your powers work, there is no other way.

Become the God you are: Become yourself.
Eat less dense food, and get free energy.

Free and embrace your inner child, bring back the joy and the laughter. Know money was never a part of anything really important, like real happiness, or genuine friendship, or the most important: Love. Really important things in life cannot be bought, they are free, they are given, from the heart.

The beings controlling us, don’t have a heart, their vibration is too low.
Archons: Low vibrational beings.

Those who control us, are the lowest or the lowest. They seem to be not of this universe. Maybe in their own they are something, but in ours, they are not. They only pretend, and they are good at it, so we fall for them.

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