At this point, the future cannot be changed…(anymore)


What i do know, and always did, is that in the end, the wannabe God, looses. Of course he plays to win, but he can’t. He lets us think that he cannot loose. But he cannot win. That is because he, and his minions are very low frequency beings, and rather stupid and cruel. And we are controlled through a being that is inserted inside us via our DNA, and which took hundreds of thousands of years to make it work, which is also very low frequency, because else it would not able to communicate with the stupid egocentric tyrant, because the original human was a real God.

Actually, he still is. He only has to wake up. And exactly that cannot be prevented from happening, not anymore. Not all people will wake up, only those that are genuine, will. After being awake, the work starts: The code must be broken, to set oneself free from the parasite tyrant. It takes all you’ve got, to figure out what you have to do, to become free.

There is a man, who has gathered a lot of followers, because of his explanations and proof. I will put a playlist here, so you can explore his views. There are more who know what is going on, and share their knowledge. But YOU will do your own work. It cannot be done for you.

You can also use the link below.

Pattie Brassard, personality worth knowing…

These video’s, that follow below, are a must to see. Take your time, they are long. I hope you can watch them before they are taken down… many of them already have…

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