Why are we not free?

Or you think you are?

We are, bluntly speaking, not free, because we have accepted the image of a world that was already finished, and in place before we got born, and did not question the lies that were fed us from child on, or if we did, we were severely punished.

Parents of children not belonging to one of the 13 families who kept their bloodline as pure as possible, like mine, were deceived into believing these lies before us, and their parents before them.

When you dive into the ‘controlled’ narrative, especially written for all those that do not belong to one of the 13 parasitic families, you’ll discover that we are all deceived, for thousands of years.

There has always been a secretive agenda to control all the earth, and what is upon and in it. This agenda was created by misguided creatures with a very low frequency, not able to love, because of the lack of a warm hearth, and the frequency belonging to a warm hearth.

Some background

(see this as a way to comprehend the hidden, not as a dogma. understand, don’t judge)

These creatures now, are the lowest of the low, in all the universe, make us believe that they are our leaders, and the worst of all, they believe it themselves! While they are unable to create anything, they seek to control everything and anybody, in an army like system, suppressing everybody to do their bidding, to follow their fascistic rules. They think that rules come from above, where they are, while the opposite is true: They are dangling on the lowest part of it all. So the world is upside down now. They believe they are the ones destined to rule the world, the chosen. That the earth belongs to them, was given to them. In reality, they were left here (to die), and are also known as 'the fallen angels'. Maybe these traumatic events made them who they have become. To understand them, does not mean they deserve our pity. That they were all men, at the start, made clear that it was some kind of military mission they were on, and we know ourselves, that the most brilliant men are not found in the army. Mercenaries, most hired guns, not all, are known to be psychopaths, who have lost the way, and can not be put back inside a society. As we know, driving a car, does not mean you know how to create one. Same here. When the tech broke down, they were stuck. In a hostile world. That is what they thought. To survive they have to conquer all their enemies, as they were told. Soldiers, remember?  

When you see how things really are, and really work, you can not ‘unsee’ them any more, and that is a good thing. It is happening all around the world now. People are awaking in a fast pace, forcing the so called leaders to try to speed up the time-frame for the inserting of ‘the world-domination scheme’, because they are afraid we, those who woke up, will recognise them for what they really are, and kill them before they can kill us.

So, now they are making mistake after mistake, and thus cause more people to awake to their malevolent plans, to enslave the whole of humanity. Which is actually a good thing. Now humanity can end their reign for once and for all. Actually, they are responsible for the need for human kind to unite, so we are all able to see who the ‘real enemy’ is.

We do not need leaders that control us.

We need leaders that understand, love and guide us, lead us, not suppress us. Love is the key. A mother lion protects her cups, by killing their enemies. Out of love and necessity. Sometimes we must fight for what is dear to us: Family, friends, freedom.

If we do not fight for those, they will be taken away from us by those that think power is above it all, and everything belongs to them. As it has ‘always’ been. Survival of the fittest.

In truth?

Everything belongs to all of us, not to a small percentage of as humans disguised Aliens, that steals all we have, make us feel miserable, and uses the money they stole from all of us, to kill us all, because they are afraid we will kill them before they do. That fear is right. Because that is what should, and has to be done to liars and thieves, who cheat and deceive and kill anything that stands in their way, only to gain more power and riches, and know nothing else but that. Pitiful, pathetic beings, that know no love, black-hearted, undead vampires, that is all they are. And it is time we see that, all of us. So we agree, it is time to end their existence. It is long overdue, actually.

The link below is an embedded video. (English spoken and Dutch under-titled. About 15 minutes.)

Watch how we are deceived in this instruction-video for new members of the ‘Illumnicorp’.

Seeing this video will most certainly open eyes, and add meaning to the idea that NOW is the time to start to get rid of those psychopaths, before they get rid of us. Which becomes more and more a priority every day. If you do not want to fight, at least support those who fight on your behalf to save the worlds future for our children.

A spoiler-alert might be the fact that is known the future can not be changed any more.

However, your choices determine how the future of you and your children will look like. Think about this, if you ‘think’ these words contradict themselves. This is about personal responsibility.

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