The Phantom Matrix.

Delving into history forbidden for the slaves shows how this phantom matrix came to existence.

It also shows who are responsible, what they did, and why, and what are the terrible consequences for those that live here too, and are not part of the parasitic entities, the so called self appointed gods, who are cut loose from the cosmic awareness of selfless love, and are a AI now, which is very sophisticated, and a real achievement. Their goal is to become immortal, and play god, in their own matrix. They can only survive their criminal action by feeding off other beings. And that is exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately they changed a lot other things, changed connections, which should not be changed, thus causing a lack of original material. To reboot, or re-insert the original blueprint, more than 30% original material should be present, to be able to rebuild a new, according the original blueprint.

But that is not all. When/if they want to go back to source, they will loose all memory of who they are. They are not ready to do that, and want to keep their self appointed god-like position, immortality, using the AI, which is full Ego. Low frequency beings, totally not aware of the divine selfless love-creation perpetual energy matrix, and no access to it, because they fucked up that connection. And that all out of the selfish need to play god.

Signs You Are Falling Into A Phantom Matrix Timeline

Ani the Scribe – As defined by Keylontic Science, the Phantom Matrix is a Black Hole System created by the Fallen Angelics design to continually drain and accrete energy and consciousness from our living Time Matrix. Being in a state of chaos is a signature trait of the phantom matrix.

As defined by Michelle Walling, a matrix is a grid system that provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. Being in a state of peace and tranquility is a signature trait of the living matrix.

The New Earth Reality has been separated from the Fallen Angelics and the Phantom Matrix after billions of years being attached to it. However, there are still lingering effects of the phantom matrix and the path is still available to Angelic Humans if they choose it. When you ascend to higher dimensions, you can still access the lower ones through a free will choice.

There has been much debate about ascension paths, FAtalE connections, Bourgha Fall Paths, the New Earth Reality, and the 5th dimension. (source:

To understand better, watch the video in the previous post. Or visit: or visit:


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