What you see around you, is the product of projection. But who’s projection? Yours, or someone else’s?

It has been a while since i found the time time and urge to write here, in my blog.

I write these things to remember what my thoughts were, at certain times, and thereby know the nature of the energy that is filling the planets ether.

It becomes more and more obvious, that the ‘New World Order’ does not serve humans.

Those who try implement it, look upon us as cattle. They are very clear about that. They must be thinking they are better than us, ordinary human beings. One of the reasons they want to kill us all, any means possible.

These reptile/machine minds lack a heart, and thus conscience. What we know is that they are very low frequency beings, not capable to ‘create’ anything themselves, but need us to do that for them. So we can say without doubt, that the destruction of the planet, is not of human doing, but theirs. But they like very much to blame us for it. They rule through fear and guilt. Divide and conquer, is how they were able to misguide us, and take our power away. Amongst other, now more sophisticated ways, created by humans who think ‘they’ (the reptilians, disguised as human beings) are the ‘bosses’, because ‘they’ stole all our wealth by selfish behaviour, and those helpers, those minions, want to belong to them. They, the humans, will however never succeed to become one of theirs, because they do not belong to their bloodlines.

Their parasitic bloodlines.

They are vampires, which has been proven many times during the ages, which ‘do as they like’, no consequences.

For a very long time they control the reincarnation cycle, and are able to filter the souls capabilities through an electromagnetic grid, and degrading the source DNA, to be able to hack into it and control us via an AI. However, more and more humans become aware of this, and do not like their world being destroyed by inferior beings, which are not of this place, and blame us for their mess. It is obvious that they don’t need us any longer. I think it becomes time to turn this around. We don’t need them any longer. In fact we never did. They robbed us of all wealth and freedom, to kill us in the end.

Expand your awareness, and become who you really are. Not what ‘they’ want you to ‘think’ who you are.

If your surroundings do not reflect how you want them to be, you are not really the one who projects them.

You can change that. Think only positive, be and do what you want to be. Just like them, but then human-like, with a hearth and a conscience.

Don’t feed them, by giving attention to their dreams, but feed your own dreams.

Start now, because that is the only time that exists. Good luck!

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