Then, the cause was set…


 Vandaag ben ik begonnen me openbaar te manifesteren. (2012, edited februari 20 2017)

Ik weet niet hoe lang het zal duren, en hoeveel inspanningen ik moet leveren om het gestelde doel: Europa’s onschuldige burgers redden van de roversbende die de euro gebruikt om iedereen te bestelen.

Ik weet ook niet of het me wel lukt, maar ik ben in elk geval begonnen het te proberen:

Hier is het begin van een wervingcampagne voor medestanders in deze gemeenschappelijke zaak. Ik zal hier zeer waarschijnlijk nog wel wat energie in moeten steken voordat het enige serieuze vorm aanneemt, maar wie niet waagt, wie niet wint.

Wat zit er voor mij in?

Hetzelfde als voor iedereen: Geen crisis meer, geld om te leven en te investeren, en normale prijzen. Dat is ook meer als voldoende vind ik.

Een echte goede zaak, de moeite van het steunen waard.

Het is mijn bedoeling om zoveel mogelijk handtekeningen te verzamelen van mensen die het eens zijn met het plan, zodat het minimaal zal worden onderzocht.

Als er al over gepraat gaat worden dat er een echte oplossing is, is eigenlijk al genoeg, dan zal er serieus over moeten worden gepraat met de verantwoordelijken voor de crisis: Diegenen die weigeren het enig juiste te doen: Devalueren naar een gemeenschappelijk gemiddelde, geld bijdrukken en compenseren.

Het plan is zeer eenvoudig, daarom zal het ook werken.

Het moet enkel goed worden uitgevoerd, en dat kost wel de nodige voorbereiding.

Uw aller steun is van harte welkom. 😉

Nothing happened to turn around this unfortunate chain of events.

Now we know why the people of Europe could not be saved, it was all part of the Magic of the Cabal, the NWO, that was determined to break the power of Europe, and they succeeded, with well played game, unnoticed by the people, until it was to late to do anything about it. Februari 20, 2017.

Now, the world is changing towards a world dictatorship, as we expected it would, the outcome if it will really become such, is uncertain, as the peoples are awaking rapidly now.

Today is june 6, 2020. There was a hoax pandemic to take away peoples rights, and now all demonstrations against the government in holland are forbidden, except the MSM sponsored ones: Soros’s armies Antifa, en Black lives matter.

These things are planned longtime. But we never thought it would really come this far. The people are put against eachother, and the MSM work hard to get it done. Many people turned against the lying media, and tried to find real thruth, on their own. Advantages of the internet. Now, the real news also travels fast.

Turns out that the vampire stories have been true all along. Creatures with double DNA, shapeshifters, that keep themselves alive through the blood of babies and children. They infiltrated all powerstructures, and control everything, and i mean every thing. These very low vibrational beings have no consceince, no awareness of good and evil. They are pure evil, psychopaths, murderers liars and thieves. And the sheeple look upto them, while they are the lowest of the lowest in our universe. We live in an upside down world. And if we don’t shine, all light will be absorbed very soon.


  1. In that time i was still convinced that people would care about eachother. Today i know better! Most people are afraid, not aware and selfish. Probably the petition would never have made it anyhow, and today it is too late for it. Corporations moved forward, people payed, and still pay the price, and so Earth does.


    1. Now, some years have passed, and we have seen that the goal was to get as much money as possible to China, as the richest have their companies there. These parasites do not care of any other then themselves. Their plan? Get rid of 95% of all people by 2030. They just need half a billion slaves.


  2. The old world is really dying. The new world far from ready. Tough choices have to be made by the people. Will they be aware at the right time? Or will the vampire leaders be able to continue the dark millennium, and extend it? Are there people who are still interrested in them, and want to live on this slaveplanet any longer? It all depends on the answers at these questions.
    Are the people capable of looking through the great illusion, and see the need for change?
    Will they be able to get rid of their fear, and ready to fight?


  3. Today the world faces a totalitarian regime. All rights are going to be taken, from all people everywhere in the world. Revolution is coming. All over the world people are organizing protest. The outcome of the planned worldcoup, could be very different than the expectations from the coup plotters. But we will undoubtedly see what will happen.


  4. Today many pieces of the puzzle become available, the higher densities are not accessible, and the stargates are not in sync with the phantom matrix. We are not going to be saved. So we have to save ourselves.


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