Proof is piling up.

“Of what?” You might ask.

(Former Chief Rabbi of Israel Ovadia Yosef about the Goyim (non-jews) – “Goyim exist only to serve the jews”.)

One look at the man’s face tells us this man knows nothing of the power of love as a tool for creation. The face of a narrow-minded, mislead man. If this is the leader of those that want us all dead, his followers must be even more stupid and mislead. Better research proves there are even more extreme trends, all wanting the same. Look at the Nazi Klaus Schwab, if that is his real name.

Well, i do not know how your knowledge is about the Talmud, but if you are used to check ‘facts’, you might read what i say for yourself.

Satan, (a former Lieutenant of Enki, if that is true,) was/is the father of one of the seven eve’s sons: Kaine.

(Beware, this might just be another story to let us think we are closing in on the truth about everything. Fact is: Every religion is a form of control, so: Nothing is true, and all is permitted.)


Kaine, or Cain, slew his brother Abel, to end the offspring in an early stage, or to set an example of what commitment to a cause is. Now. many centuries later, the bloodline of Cain is the ‘blueblood-line’. A selective blood, by its Rhesus, which is negative. There is no mixture possible with Rhesus positive.

This offspring now, (the Zionist Jews,) (thinks it) has been tasked to wipe out all the offspring of Esau, which is all of us, who do not belong to the ‘blueblood-line’. By the blueblood-line called: the ‘Goyim’. Which is equal to: nothing more than beasts. They eat our children, and drink their blood, just as we eat meat from animals. That is not all they do to our children. They also Ritually Sacrifice them to their God, their all-father: Satan. Also called Ba-al.

This fact was concealed by them very long time, as they are expected to lie. This goal is the only goal they have. To wipe out humanity, all means necessary. And there is nothing they like more. These days it is very hard to not see this. If this is not enough proof for you, that you are being lied to your entire life, and that they are trying to kill all of us, you might want to read a statement written by them:

If i were you, and maybe i am you, i would start to enjoy my life to the max as long as life will continue. Stop doing things i do not like, and go look for the real value in life, which is not money, but time. There are no groups, that is a lie. There are only unique individuals. And i will not call for war on them, but expand your awareness, so you are not drawn into something you will regret later. But, if i had a say in all this? I would end them before they will end us. We are far more, they can not win. Unless we really are the sheep they are leading to the slaughter.

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