Constitution has an ‘expiration date’?

With the day it becomes more obvious that the control of this planet is in the hands of beings very much older than we think possible, and that the ‘ending’ of the world as we know it, has been repeated several times in the last 12000 years.

What do we know?

We know only what we have been told. And as far as that concerns, those ‘thruths’ are only lies to keep an alien race in control, of a very low vibrational kind. Universal laws are put aside, and replaced by thier own set of rules, which makes them ‘Rulers for eternity’, which lasts until too many of us, humans, wake up and start to see through their lies. Which is about now.

When we assume, worlds-ending has happened at least 5 times, and this is the sixth time, and we are still slaves to a race with the lowest standards in this universe, we can only suspect they are from another one, scavenging our earth, and keeping us dumb as long as possible.

We can also assume that they have become very good at it, because we still have not managed to defeat them, while we outnumber them at least 200 million to one.

Knowing this, we must take the chance to defeat them this time, as it might be best possible, there is an expiration date on us on earth also. And if not, it would not be bad if human won 1 out of six, now wouldn’t it?

We have to catch up…!

And we have to do so as quickly as possible. Why? Because our enemy, who keeps us as cattle, caught up in lies for so long, is way ahead of us. And if we do not act now, it might be too late this time also. Same as the previous times.

How can we prevail?

We have to know how to recognise the enemy. And they are great deceivers. It is the only thing they are good at, actually. They need us for everything else. They twist the truth then becoming a lie, and repeat it until we believe it. They have done that to create their grand illusion, in which 65% of all humans still believe. And what is worse, they believe it so much, they will fight to protect it.

For starters: They are Vampires/Cannibal.

How do i know? In the christian beliefsystem, the body and the blood of the savior are offered to us to eat and drink.

They eat our children, and drink their blood.

Their deeds have become known just recently, because since they own all the money, they can buy everybody that can be bought to keep silent about these things. Those that cannot be bought, are blackmailed. Their are two worlds here on Earth: Theirs, and the illusion they created for us, and in which they want to keep us in, as long as possible, so they can keep leeching on us.

We are just cattle. They like our children best: young, innocent and juicy. They torture them, because the drugs they create from their blood are better then. They also breed them. Keep young unregistered mothers in a coma while growing babies inside them. Because less problems when not registered.

And they use our children in rituals to become more powerful, and better protected. Even lower beings are invited/attracted to the scent of these tortured and dying children, and they sniff them, so to speak, and in return, they grant power to the lies that they have pulled over our eyes.

Everything we are told, is a lie.

Take a moment to realize that. We have to let all go: The whole system: Money, Politics, Justice system, Food, Medical Health, Media. Even countries, with their ‘Kings and Queens’, and the whole setup, all fake, to leech us dry of our lifetime: The time we have living in/with our bodies here on Earth, because: Time is the only thing we have. Don’t let them trick you out of that! It is the most precious on Earth in our life: Realize that! The most precious thing is stolen from us with a pack of lies. And these lies enslave us. Understand it is all a Hoax, and don’t be afraid to break free!

What is true?

All living living things are equal in our universe. Which means: There is NO Hierarchy! All living beings are free to live their lifetime. Their is no need to kill them prematurely, none of them. There is no amount of money to measure a life, because all life is priceless. We don’t need to kill to survive, that is a lie. Killing other beings might shut off higher dimensions. Killing other beings draws lower vibrational beings, difficult to see, difficult to get rid of. The world, this illusion, is the opposite of our real world. Here the biggest psychopatic murdering and lying bastard, is boss. Us is made believe that the lowest is the highest.

Help us create a new voluntary world of free beings.

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