How do we go on from here?

This is a legit question.

We have a choice. If we are our genuine self, that is.

Two possibilities emerge, two timelines, or realities, if you will. One follows the path of the lie, the Daisy of Death, or the known 3D world, as advertised in the MSM.

The other one, is the one with the raised vibration, the higher frequency, that makes invisible for the lower frequency beings.

There are many people on this planet right now, that are unaware of the lies that are brainwashed into the masses. And who do not know there is another option, in fact that there are many more options then two…

What it is all about is, that this earth is a classroom, where the IQ counts, to get to see, and to be able to automaticly follow the flow of time in life…

This is only easy, if you did not give in into lies, or corruption. You had to steer clear of the road much travelled. Not buy into any believesystem, newspaper, or political system. Not involved in chasing money. Only follow your own dreams, with few restrictions. Dependable on the damage done at the opposition of unconditional love, the corporate system. And damage i did. For that, money was denied to me, for a very long time. Still, as i write this. I cannot be bothered by it.

You see, all you will ever need is inside your fantasy, your imagination. All free power is there…

But to be able to use it, you will have to overcome three enemies. Everybodies enemies are these, and they have to be overcome to become allies.

  • Ignorance
  • slowness of mind
  • preference for the bad

In conquering these, you will automaticly be able to see the workings of these enemies through all people. The mind becomes open to the truth. The heart will resonate with the truth, and you will know.

Time is the most valuable that has been given to you, so do not give it away to easy, in for instance virtual traps. Beware for the large media platforms, as the are extremely powerfull.

Become a free thinking self, with a clean thought. Which rules from the heart. Which listens to the inner movements which are pure and honest. Then he/she will be able to create, to be and behave like a God or Goddess, creating new things, that were not there before…

When you start to use your imagination, you notice that the only limitation is the one you put there yourself, and the energy to be used is endless. Eternal, if you will.

To create, means to be God. Unlimited.

Do not wait to get there by yourself. Practice, educate yourself. Clean your thought. Just like a garden, just take out the thoughts that are poison for your mind. You will be stuck with the beautiful flowers afterward…


    1. Hello Dick,

      There are times that i think i might have been trapped in one of their nets…
      Now i like to believe to be free of the great illusion the way all people are cattle or slaves.
      I am no longer lost at sea, and have my LLC and sea-pass with my vessel.
      I have vacated my birth-certificate some time ago, so no more one-sided contracts, privateering or racketeering on my account.. 😉

      Most people do not even realize there is an illusion pulled over their eyes.
      But the waking up of us real humans goes rapidly, which ignites hope…


      1. I think that should help a lot. Not my task, really. All plays out without anyone can change the outcome, no matter what. Satan wants to be God. So he is not. He must play for real, but a wannabe is not the real thing. In reality they are very low frequency beings, dangling on the bottom of an upside down pyramid, while assuming the pyramid standing on its base.


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