Why it is important to follow your own lead.

To those for whom this is still not obvious, a little hint:

Who is the most important person in your life?

So, after removing all lies and illusions from your life, there is only you, and your dreams. You can choose to take people with you on your journey, but allways realize, that it is you who will be alone, no matter how many people you decide to take along. Life is short. Time flies like a rocket, and everybody tries to take a piece of your time.

The world is a classroom.

A most difficult lesson has to be learned: Don’t get involved in the circus that is playing in the foreground. It is all a big theatre, to take your attention away from the most important questions: Who am I? What am I doing here? To what purpose exactly?

The answers to these questions, if really asked to yourself: Your soulself, might not be what you expected. There could be things your soul expects from your avatar, which thinks he already knows what it is all about, which can shock your avatar to the core. And that is precisely what should happen!

Wake up, and raise your vibration!

Below, an impression of an interview with Marktplaats. You have to be aware of the fact that information revealed here was not broadcasted because of the censorshipo towards certain entities, in this case (the corruption of) the High Council and the Lawyers of the State.

Most of what i revealed was not broadcasted, due to censorship. But it shows the bare life, here on the Broenenhoup 6. This place is special. Really special. Because it is one of a kind. It is built with love, and all i could find, or get for free. The video is a few minutes long.

Reality, and how it looks like.

There is still time to choose your destination.

There are two timelines. One leading to life eternal, and one to death. To be able to see there are two timelines, you must already have raised your vibration.

Real life eternal, versus The Daisy of Death.

Be aware of the set up of an AI system against us, humanity, that is capable of influence all we think we know, are, think and feel. So, it will be almost impossible to decide what is real, and what is not.

So it is of the greatest importance that you really KNOW who you are. Because if you are not genuine now, you will have lost this battle beforehand.

Watch and listen to this, and learn.

Don’t be surprised, know what is really going on.

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