Are we going to submit to the ultimate dictatorship?

Are we pussies? Are we daisies, fairies, that just dance around, or sit still in a corner somewhere?

Know that the rich and powerful, are creepy bastards with no such thing as a hearth, and they are too stupid to know a beautiful thing as love. They have no clue of what that is.

So, the language they understand is that of suppression. They are convinced the world belongs to them, and we are here to serve them. That is an outright lie. The world belongs to us, and they stole it from us, and try to make us believe what ever they want. And most of us are so stupid, they believe all their lies.

I cannot say this often enough: The lowest scum of the universe is bullying us around. They are afraid of us, because we are waking up. And we outnumber them bigtime. They stand no chance at all. They do not want us to know that ofcourse, so they started killing us off with another big lie: A non existing virus. They created a poison that is going to convert us to docile robots without gender or drive. They want to disconnect our soullink.

I suggest you find some information about what they are planning to do, here a short movie about what is awaiting us.

Not a nice story, but better listen to the man, without getting afraid.

We donot need fear.

Fear is notting but the absence of love.

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