It is going bad very fast…

Are we able to do something about it?

It seems that all we ever have been taught, are straight lies.

I want to point you people to someone who has a vision that is certainly to be considered:

Start to listen, and consider. Hear what this man has to say. Do not close that door without knowing what also can be possible.

Consider why the disneyland parks all over the world, use the ancient flat map of the world, with Disney in the middle, where always Jerusalem was in the middle, while they want us to believe the world is a sphere. The earth, our ‘planet’, is in a crater on a much much bigger ‘bal’ (?) it is so big that all the planets are craters to. So it would seem that we could leave this cursed place, and go somewhere else, without spacecrafts. It goes much deeper. Take your time, and watch the video’s in this playlist. After watching, listening and considering, judge for yourself, what to believe…

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