The choice…

It seems to become very clear now as what ‘the ruling elites’ want to implement very soon, in the next months, up to the first few months of 2021. A new string of the virus: covid 21, much stronger than the 19 version, followed by 2 vaccinations, in which the new ‘passports’ are inbedded in a layer of gold, for the best possible reception, in which all of what we are is stored, to be remotely viewed, and altered at will. All our debts will be wiped clean, and we will get a basic income, which will be visible in our ‘ID’. We will be able to buy without any other means, than our bodies, and we are ‘permitted’ to travel ‘anywhere’ (?) To get this, we have to part from all our possessions. We can never ever own anything anymore, we have to rent all we need, from ‘the elites’ of course, who will own everything and everyone, and for who another set of rules is put in place called: No rules. This means, there will be no more freedom left: NONE! for common people. Everybody will be a slave to the new system, monitored at all times, through thought control and gps-tracker, built into our new, personal passports, traveling through our veins, not being able to be removed anymore, ever. I heard they have been working on an option to weaponize these nano-devices, to kill us, or punish us remotely in case of any violation of the new laws ..

But there is an alternative:

If we do not want to cooperate in this new method of total control, we are sent to concentrationcamps until death, or re-education. This death will not take long time, as we cost them. And they want to make profit. So, our organs are going to be harvested, and everything else they can use, and it is done with us: Died of covid 21, or any other variation, it doesn’t matter what the deadcertificate says, it is all lies anyways.

Who ever thought it would really come this far? Well, we were wrong to think this would never happen, as they are unrolling it now, before our very eyes.

Do we want this? No? Then there is only one other way: Fight for your lives, together! If we don’t, there is only lifelong servitude, or death in a concentration camp. Best make up your mind quickly…

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