Day so and so, in a world getting less friendly by the day…

Do you feel like this? Do you see what is happening? Can you take a distance from it, and be cool, in the center of your genuine self?

Does the outside world really matter?

The outside world does not matter persé. But you have to know who you are, to take benefit from that knowledge. Because knowledge it is. Knowing who you are, means, knowing that the outside world is an illusion, especially made to trap an entire world, and suck it dry completely, by beings that do not belong here in the first place.

Do not pretend anything.

I don’t like to pretend it is otherwise, because i want to know when i am fooled, and by whom. This thruth, about parasites draining our time, and life force, and not only our life force, but the life force of all living beings on our once so beloved planet Earth, or Gaia, if you like, is speading across the universe faster, then it is spreading amongst our brethren, sisters, fathers and mothers, uncles and antes, friends and neighbors. But: It is spreading.

The right thing to do.

Question is: What to do with this knowledge? Ignore it? Try to change it? Help spreading the word? Try to understand it? Become very sad by it? Accept ‘fate’ and let you take to the slaughter? Fight? Love? Take revenge? Forgive?

Be aware of the stealing of your life.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, but one advice: No thing in life is granted, so do not make the big mistake to take it as such.

Take force from others?

What do i want to say?
Egyptian Gods

We are Gods, trapped in illusion. The savior of this era, which is almost done, is the Christ, he said it himself and was taken to court for saying: You are Gods.

So what?
Hindu Gods

Well, if we are Gods, we can change the world from being raped. We can stop the parasites from stealing, torturing, raping, killing and eating our children. But we can also realize that we made many, many terrible mistakes, and that it is time to admit, and make up for them.

Become aware of your power, our power.
Gods, witches or wizzards?

Become your true self! Become who you are! Because: From the center of your being, your true self, you are able to change your destiny. WE are able to change our destiny! We just have to want it.

Don’t be greedy, give some money for the cause…

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