Free at last?

After 100 days of restricted confinement, and 48 days of chokey, i got finally out in the open, to find myself inside a larger prison: The corona circus. I could not believe so many people were deaf, blind and stupid! But they were, and still are…

How in a name, so many still allowed themselves to be fooled by the lies of the governments all around the world. Isn’t it obvious? They want to kill us all, and want to make us pay for our own demise.. How on Earth can we, the people allow that?

First they made us believe there was a p(l)andemic. Then there was a cure, but everybody should take the jab. Other simple and cheap meds were forbidden (?!) Now turns out that the ‘cure’ is a killer shot. After all animals died during testing, they decided this was the ‘real deal’. Since the start, few million died allready, all over the world, while the testing of the ‘mark of the beast’ is in testing in Africa: An AI-digital ID, also shot into our veins.

This about Democide and mass-murder. This about total control. It has been accelerated, now human is waking up from the nightmare. Imagine that only about 300 human-being-look-alike’s are orchestrating this extermination of 90% of the real humans. How is it possible they can ever win? The odds being 99.9%, against 0.1%? Or are we really dumb sheep, to be led to the slaughter by the wolves in sheep clothes? How can we not see who these ‘people’ are? They would not stand a chance, if only 20% of us was awake. And i think we are already at 27%.

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