The government can’t be trusted…

It is only about abusing power, robbing the people with unfair trials, which are always won by the government, using every thinkable lie to turn around the truth in their favor or the favor of their minions. This business model is designed to let the people think they make a chance, a fair judge will review their case. Which they continue until the last stage, then there is the high council that always turns around in the governments favor unless they cannot because too much articles in the press or TV.

Or one must be famous, rich or wellknown.

“So…Mr. Smith… I’m not blind! I see you are not wealthy…you are not a politician, lawyer, CEO, nor other elitist entity…what am I going to do with you, Mr. Smith?”

What they do is stretch as long as possible, so they can ask more money for lawyers and judges. If you loose the last case before the High Council, you will have to pay for the previous trials as well, even if you won those. It is so unfair that when they totally unnecessary completely wreck you posessions, they will not pay for the damage. They will not bear any responsibility for their deeds, but make you pay for all the trials. In that case you loose your business, and all your money. The High Council always wins, because they always have the last word. This much power screams for corruption. And that is exactly what those judges are: Corrupt. So if you don’t have any money left, you cann’t buy them, and you will loose everything. That is what happened to me, after 22 years of trials. But since i have no more money, because they stole all of it, and wrecked my business, i have no income. How can i pay when i have no money? I guess thy will come and steal valuables, for about 3 or 4 times the worth of the debt. Government is scum. Pedofiles, liars and thieves, abusers of power. Totally untrustworthy. Probably reptilians, or minions of reptilians, or demons controling them instead the other way around. Seems a completely different species, cold, no heart, no empathy, just like reptiles.

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