The world heading to China 3.0?

Orchestrated, and planned long ago, our reptilian rulers plan to put the world in jail.

The galactic federation locked down the universe around earth, and noone can escape. Even the portals are closed. Only traveling between dimensions is still possible. But impossible to bring stuff through there…

We, the humans, are now used as bargaining chip, for the Draco and Reptilians to get away before the central sun blasts his 12.000 yearly flare. General Adama will have a hard time now, unless he foresaw this. Trying to kill most of us could sway the Federation to let the lowlife killerscum get off earth.

Adama has no mandate to interveine, unless the Prime Creator gives him one. But there is a deadline. If we cann’t get rid of these imposters: They have dubble DNA, so if they drink blood, they can sustain their human form. So they only ‘look’ human. That is why they are hard to spot, if you don’t know how and where to look. But if you see the the similarity between them, they are easy to spot. The hordes of demons that serve them, are mostly souls from previous ‘illusions’, that could not get back home because they were trapped, just like us. When we come to this earth, we loose all off our former power, and our memory gets wiped, most part of it. Most people are wiped completely, others have memories stored in their DNA, that is triggered when the right signs are visible. We are kept inside an illusionary world, where we are made to believe all their lies: Like the existence of money, dept, hierarchy, and that we have to pay tax to live on our own planet. This has to stop.

The Federation wants to get us off planet before the flare, take us to middle earth, where the Agertha live, or to a base on mars, or on their gigantic ships, until the earth is restored to her former glory, one million years ago. The controlling battle moon will be gone, and replaced by the two ‘new’ primordial moons, which are growing for some time now.

If we don’t get disclosure about the aliens working together with our secret governments since at least 1942, the starfleet will not land. We are trying from 1996 to get the media to open up the truth, with very few to no result.

If we do not succeed by ourselves when time arrives, the people that are left will be taken off earth, evacuated, and then the armies will descend, and war for earth begins, to free her from those scavengers.

My hope is we can take control of our planet ourselves.

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