The Big Picture…

Really true, or far fetched?

If one would connect the dots, the crums, if you like, and one would be able to see a truth, too horrible to imagine from a human point of view, would that one dismiss that truth as ‘impossible’, or would he go down the rabbithole to see how deep it runs? Believe me: The truth is far worse than you can imagine, so: get used to it

What do we have? We have human children stolen and traded, for their innocent blood. To rape, and to abuse, hurt and kill, for sports, trofees and to create a more powerful drug from that blood, called Adrenachrome.

For what? For the money? I think not.

Because what do we have more? We have an obscure elite rulingclass, that know too much to be human, or let us say, they are too old to be human. So they must be something else.

We also know, that aliens love adrenachrome. Who told us? Phil Schneider told us. You may want to look up the very interesting story of Phil, on the internet. If it has not been scrubbed off, that means.

So we have ancient stories about Vampires. Dracula, the first Vampire, and in the christian religion the blood of the savior Jesus Christ is being drunk, and his body eaten, consumed.

These crums, what do we miss? We miss how can people hide amongst us for centuries, without being exposed? That is not hard: When one has lived for such a long time, one can establish a very wealthy state, protected by a covent, or family.

Ever watched a movie? Everything is told there. But these movies are dismissed as fiction. Aliens? Sci-Fi. Fantasy, not real.

As long as we ‘think’: that is not real, it can not be real. And there you have it: ‘Not Real’ , is a roadblock, a stopsign, a doorcloser. And when the door is closed, it will not quickly be reopend, unless the evidence, that what is behind the door is real, is so massive, it can’t be denied.

So, in the christian religion, we speak of cannibalism, and vampirism, coincidence?

There is also a theory, which has been witnessed by very few people in reality, that the ruling class is something completely different all the same: Shapeshifters! Shapeshifters, that have double DNA.

The witnesses saw how at a strange party where many of the elite – rulingclass were gathered, wearing tall loose robes, and at some point, they grew out of their human form, and became a sort of Lizards, much taller than their human form. Than, with a toast, ‘human’ blood was drunk from goblets, and after that, the human form became restored. Far fetched? There are also people who proove with movies and pictures, taken with phones, that when some kind of stress, or tension arises, little shifts show snake or lizard heads. There are pictures and films of Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton, clearly showing temporary lizard/snake heads. And there are more. Most people on high influencial positions, have these signs.

Recently all people came to the knowledge that they are slaves. Now it turns out, our slavemastes are not human.

What does that mean? It means that the lizards, or alien reptilianrace are wolves, in sheeps clothes, literally. That is why it is so simple to steal, trade and consume our children. They don’t care! We are just cattle to them, and the children are the most tasty.

And the older cattle? They let them live in a by them controlled illusion, indoctrinated with falsehoods and lies, they hope the people stay in their eternal slumber, and do not wake up from tha dreamstate of dept and money, and rent and mortgages, and jobs, from 9 – 5. A hierarchy, people who are better, who are boss, who demand obedience from the lesser kinds. But it is all lies from the start, and the people begin to awake from that nightmare, and see what is really going on.

That is not what the Alien rulers want. They are coldblooded, reptilians have no hearth, no warm blood. So now they want to establish a totalitarian world regime, to show how strong they are. Unfortunately for them, they are outnumbered. About 300, added their minions, a couple of hunddreds of thousand, against 8,5 billion. Of course many of us would die, but they can not possibly win, unless those, that still are asleep, remain asleep, and believe the propaganda, that the rebels that want to expose them are terrorists, conspiracy theorists, who want to bring down the leaders, to rule themselves in their place, believe their lies, and act against the rebels.

The aliens own everything, or so they think. Mainstream Media: Their apparatus of Propaganda, the secret services, the governments, the armies, the poisonous pharmaceutical companies, the educations, the politics, the foodindustries, money, the gold, in short: All they made us dependable on. All that enslaves us.

But it s all lies: There is no hierarchy, nobody is more than anybody else. Money is currency, and so worthless. And why do we have to pay to live on our own planet? They are the ones who don’t belong here, who stole our planet from us, and now rent it back to us.

Now, we can see what is really going on. Still hard to believe? Why can’t this be true? Because it is not a lie? And the only thing we believe in is lies? That is not a valid argument!

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