Peoples are worried…

They are sick of the lies, disgusted by the actions of the so called governments to take away all their rights, their money, and their jobs, and want to start an oppression the world has never seen before. All because of the fear our reptilian rulers feel for loosing their grip, their control. Global tyranny, as an answer to the people wake up to the endless slavery, and evergrowing theft.

Demonstrations are organized everywhere, to act against the forfeit of our rights to fascistic psychopatic scum, that is not even human. That parasiting garbage looks upon us as if we were inferior to them, but the opposite is true. They are the lowest of the lowest in the universe, and are only here to scavenge and rape all from our once beautifull world. They steal our children, and eat them. Or abuse them, torture them, and make drugs from their blood. These creatures are nothing more than monsters, without heart, or empathy, incapable to create anything. They need us to do that for them. Only in manipulating us they are masters. And the time we rid the world and ourselves of them for once and for all, is long overdue…

Let us take their minions and sentence them in our peoples tribunals. We are with far more then they are. Their minions: Governments, Political systems, Legal systems, all infected: Bought or blackmailed.

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