The world is rapidly running toward a worlddomination by Fascist psychopatic beings, that have infiltrated the entire powerstructure…

Demonstration for a free internet in Russia.

And is using the topdown powerhierarchy to suppress all nations. All structures, education, politics, medical health, food, everything is infected, and indoctrination and brainwashing have had their purpose, as wel as divide and conquer. The masses don’t know that it is too late to react without force. And the use of force is exactly what we should avoid at all costs, because we aint got weapens: We get slaughtered.

The ‘Protectors of the order’ wear state-of-the-art up-to-date kevlar body armor, and are well prepared for a fight. Now look at the demonstrator. He lacks all, as we do

It is everywhere like this now, not only in Russia.

Remember not so long ago. The ingenius plan to invent an enemy to everybody: A virus! Briljant! From a dictators point of view..

Whatever you do: Don’t loose your sense of humor

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