Misdirection, false flags.

The racist card has been drawn by the Deep State. Imho to draw votes from Trump.

Now information comes to light about exactly the same actions: Killings by the police of ‘victims’, in Paris and Madrid. This does not only indicate the setup of the events, it proves it: False flag. Everybody who is realy interested what is going on, just has to look at what MSM wants us to believe, to know it is a lie to accomplish something else.

What do they want to achieve?

They, the deep State, want to restore their power, but by all they do, they only loose more. What they want might be, force Trump to deploy the army. You can count on hidden enemy snipers who shoot at the people, to blame Trump. They want to accelerate with their agenda: take away all rights from the people. This is all staged. Whenever there is MSM coverage, it is lies. They never show other opinions, unless twisted, censored, or ridiculed. It is always like that. Hard to teach an old fox new tricks.

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