New knowlegde, means adjustment.

The spirit of time can give you insights. Insights that are correct at that specific time, with that specific state of mind. When however knowledge expands, by raising of the frequency, point of view changes, and thereby necessarily opinion changes. That is all natural, and necessary to grow.

Accept: learning is change of view.

To look for thruth involves finding peaces of it. Not to state them prevents discussion, prevents finding new thruths. To find the real thruth behind everything you will have to dig deep. You’ll have to be able to leave the comfortzone of known points of view. You’ll have to be flexible. You’ll have to be able to admit you also can follow a wrong direction, as everybody else. You can only learn from a mistake, if you see it, and admit it.

The illusion was very strong for a very long time.

But now many, many people are able to see through it. So changing the way they thought, end felt. That is only natural. Embracing this change, is embracing freedom. Fredom of speech is that you can say what you think, without being gagged. Say what you think does not automaticly mean that you are completely right.

As said in another post:

Pieces of thruth are wrapped in lies.

By whom? By the beings, called demons, who can only manipulate. They can not create. But they can manipulate thruth and people to accomplish an invert image of thruth. Like the illusion we still live in, until we decide to end it, and replace it with the right image.

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