Don’t forget who you are, when they are changing history.

The beings that control us, have come here, a long long time ago. They have come here, to create their own reality. A reality, where they are Gods, who are served by humans, us. They had to change, or better: make invisible the universal law to do that. So, from the beginning, their reign was based upon a lie. And thus, all else was lies also. But they were good at what they did, and became better after every disaster that wiped out the complete civilisation. They are/were master of the lie, of manipulation, of illusion, as you will.

Being a demon, which cannot be seen by the many, has its advantages…

Being invisible is very convenient. When you have also the skill to move in and out of 3d forms, the possibilities are mere endless. To posses a body all the time, gives more opportunities. To keep that body young, fresh young blood was needed. And here the myth of the Vampire finds origin.

Their talent to hide truth is extremely well developed, that you can say they really mastered it. As they have done this for at least 12.000 years.

How could extreem low vibrational beings live on a planet with such high frequency?

To succeed they had help from other alien races, that prepared the world for them.

To be able to fool the humans, their access to the highest dimensions had to be cut off. To do that properly, they had to mutilate a complete planet, a complete solarsystem, to be exact. And they did. Destroyed a planet: Maldek, the 11th. The remains are still around between Mars and Jupiter, if i am correct. They have thrown the two natural moons of Earth upon it to destroy the world of Lemuria about 900.000 years ago, and one on Atlantis, about 250.000 years ago. This is what caused the Earth to wobble, and the seasons. Original Earth had temperatures between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius. Orbit changed a bit, and added 5 days to the circle of 360 days. These words are to tickle your imagination about Earth not the only planet in the universe that contains life. Imagine there hundreds of thousands inhabited planets, and many many alien races.

And a planet is a part of a larger plane. Which not necessarily means a planet is an orb.

I have much info from here:

So, if they lie, i lie.

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