Perpetual theft by our governments and banks…

Taxes, and mandatory healthinsurance, are no more then legalized theft.

After the great ‘money-coup’: creating a single coin with the wrong value for an entire continent, ‘killed’ the economy of Europe, and chased millions of people below the poverty line, they will not stop.

They used this trick to cripple the boosting economy. We now have lost half of our money, all our savings, and the black money circuit. This while the prices still go up, and the money people own decreases every day. The legal system is completely corrupted, and used to rob entrepreneurs. The Constitution is suspended, and Human Rights, no more then a word…

The policestate is a fact.

Police, now the best organized criminal organization in the country, robs us, and destroys our means to have a living. Having another opinion then the obligated one, stigmatizes people automaticly to ‘criminals’, and their rights are forfeit. It is permitted for the police to rob all their assets, money and goods, and destroy all they see necessary. There is no responsibility for the government, so all the damage done to the innocents does not have to be compensated. Leaving honest entrepreneurs as criminals, that have nothing left. Their world is full of traitors, and every attempt to make money to stay alive, is being compromised, and destroyed.

It looks like ‘they’ want them to start a revolution, so they can be ‘taken care of’ for good…

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