The ease all governments deprive us of any joy in life is at least astonishing…

Taking away all your money, and then act as if they don’t know you have nothing left, putting impossible to pay debts upon you, ‘for your own sake and health’, will eventually lead to uprisings. As we have no weapons, but they have them all, included body-armor, it looks like we donot stand a chance. But i will rather die standing up, then live on my knees.

The most popular trend among the ‘leaders’ is to rob the populus blind, and get away with it. Smallminded tyrants are everywhere inside the local governments, abusing their given authority to torment the cityzens, and try to make them pay ridiculous amounts of money for work that ‘had to be done’, according to their regulations, which are installed overnight, without any control by the people, and randomly interpreted. Work that could have been done by those cityzens for a fraction of the costs, but for which they get no permission. They authorize themselves to force this theft upon us as inevitable, unavoidable.

Forcing us to start lawsuits to ‘get our right’, and keep us busy with unnecessary problems, to make sure they are not ignored. One can only hope the judge that sits the case is not corrupted…

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