Why trying to change or fix the broken system fails.

It can not be fixed, because it is meant to be this way. It is meant to be broken. To draw attention into it, to keep it in existence. Believe me, fixing cannot be done. More so, it is a terrible waste of the most precious thing in life: The time that is given to us.

It is all misdirection. To draw the attention away from what is really important: That in the mean time, while we argue and discuss unimportant things, our live is sucked away from us, our time drained from our vains, our livesblood: The time that is to our disposal, is being stolen from us! Until we are old, and useless, or sick, and not able to fight for our rights anymore..

The only thing that is really important is the time that is given to us to fulfil our dreams, in freedom.

All people in the world are slaves to the big lie, even those that invented it, are slaves to it. Addicts, that are not able to rid themselves from their addiction, and they draw us into it…

Money is the root of all evil.

It really is. To get it, you will have to corrupt yourself in one way or another. To get more money, you will have to steal it. The richest men are the biggest thieves. Why not bring them to justice? TAKE THEM ALL, AND EXECUTE THEM! Do away with the problem for once and for all?

Only hickup will be that too many people believe the biggest lie of them all: Time is money. Time is the most valuable thing on earth, while money is nothing really. It is only a means to enslave the entire worldpopulation, because we let it do that.

So, there will stand a lot of paid puppets between the 300 that are responsible for this shit, and the other 8,5 billion, from which 95% has to be exterminated before 2030, because the 300 only need 0,5 billion slaves. Be sure: You and me are not amongst the survivors, if it is up to these 300 biggest villains of us all.

However, if we only would realize that these 300, even with the help of all their armies and police forces, are not able to kill us all, if we would stand up as one, and face them, unafraid, because we have nothing to loose, but all to gain. We are far too many, they would not succeed.

They use the old divide and conquer strategie to put us all against eachother, and they succeed in it, because we do not check the lies they throw at us in their media.

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