Unlearn the lies you are told to believe.

It is not easy at first, when you become aware of the fact that we all live a great lie.

The more you become aware, the bigger the lie becomes.

There is only one choice here: continue living the lie, or becoming your own truth.

For the leaders of the world only one rule applies: nothing is true, and all is permitted.

If you become aware of this, you will realize that you can do anything you want, as long it is not noticed by anyone.

You have to be aware that crimes exist to those that follow rules.

So, when committing something, that is considered a crime at the place you commit it, you will suffer the consequences if someone convinced of the existence of rules, regulations and laws, notices the deed. That will force you to ‘silence’ the witness, to avoid risking to loose your freedom.

What I imply here is that you will only be free, if you have rid yourself of a conscience.

On this level, having a weakness: a wife, child, or other relative, will significantly encumber your actions.

The lies exist to control the human race. All religions and governments, are only means to control. All lies to prevent people that do not belong to the ruling upper class, to be free.

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