How can we really escape the ‘great illusion’?

First step is realizing the great illusion exists.

Second step is realize how deep it runs.

Third step is realizing that becoming an ‘adult’ is the door to the great illusion.

Fourth step is ‘undo’ adulthood, and become your inner child again.

The moment you declare yourself officially child again, you are free.

From this moment on, your imagination will be your most powerful tool in chasing and fulfill your own dreams, instead of those some billionaire parasite wants you to follow.

I choose to write small blocks of text with very powerful words. The reason for this is that too many words at once will only blur the meaning, and cloud your vision.


    1. Some awfull and powerful ‘truths’ are going to be released in my writings. Truths that reveil the path to real freedom. Truths that frighten us to use to advantage, that frighten us even to consider…


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