You can only use your time once…

Everything happens only once, assuming every day is the same, is a mistake we will have to avoid at all costs.


Because it is a lie that prevents us from seeing reality, and the way out.

No moment is the same! Remember from a previous lesson: No thing is as it appears. Be always prepared to look through any appearance, tiresome at first, i know, but lifegiving when mastered.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to be always aware of ‘where’ the energy, the ‘momentum’ is, and ‘when, and where it moves to’. We want to be always aware of the source of our energy, when we are following our own dreams. Because we need all the energy we can get, to accomplish our goals.

Our imagination provides us with everything, you can be certain of that. But, you will have to learn how to use it in a practical way.

Important is to prepare the right mindset. As told earlier: Unlearn unnecessary weight, lies, and roadblocks, that prevent you from following your own dreams, reaching your own goals.

Use everything that is already there, and learn how to ‘materialize’ what is not. To materialize is the magic you are able to use, once you ‘know’ what you really want and need. If known what is needed, it can be recognized, and accuired when/as it passes by.

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