What to believe? What to think? What to do?

A war of desinformation is going on. State controlled opposition. Censoring and removing movies and websites. The fear has struck into the deep state. Desperately they try to save the time they were in control, but that control is slipping away by the hour.

Where tf am i?

The human beings are awaking due to the upgoing frequency of the earth. We passed the 4th dimension, and entered the 5th.

We have forgotten things we have never known..

Now we can SEE the enemy. Not all of us ofcourse, but our numbers are growing. Now those of us who are awake get their memories restored, and move quickly past the lies into the real history. We can now open the pictures and movies in our DNA that belong to our fifth dimension state.

So this is what they have tried to hide from us!

By the hour we become more complete, more determined about what we have to do, why it is we are here. We become purpose.

I know who I am now…

When we realize we are more then just a body, and here to save planet earth from the scavengers that raped her for at least the last 12.000 years, and kept us, and our fellow human beings in bondage, and in an illusion that tries to make us think it had always been like this, we get enormous amounts of energy.

Let us join, and save our Mother!

Realizing we are more then a body means, it doesn’t matter if that body dies, unless we did not fight to defend and protect it. We fight our own battle in service of mother earth and all the other human beings, and we are not afraid if that means we are loosing it, our body.

However, we will not sell our bodies cheap: The many as possible demon possesed humans will die first.

Draconians, low vibrational scum…

The above is not for the faint of heart, or the so called lightworkers, that only want to pray. To get rid of the ugliest, most treacherous, lying, psychopatic scum of the universe, praying does not help. They must get killed. They will not give in, ever. They shot this planet from the tree of life, and mutilated her, until her vibration was so low, they could live upon it.

Yes, that is what happened. The higher dimensions were inaccessible while in this low vibration. But earth: Gaia, feels help is comming, and her frequency raises, and so does ours, if we let it.

Now let us rid Earth from that other scum: The Cabal, or better what is left of it.

The good part is that the real leaders, the Draconians, a rude, egocentric species, with no empathy at all, are gone. They were unable to live in a higher vibration. So are many of the second and third layer of the hierarchy. Which leaves us with a cabal that does not know what it is doing, seperate groups, fighting each other, with no leadership. They also don’t have a plan. They wing it, they improvise. Which is good for us. Because they are weak how they are now.

In the fifth dimension one can SEE inside the lower dimensions..

And because of the fact we are able to see what is going on, the information is very easy separated from the desinformation. We can see through their lies now. We can catch them now.

To all lightworkers: Work your light!

The light workers have to continue praying and imagining how the world has to be, to replace the inverted image to the right one. And all who can help with that should. Love is the only thing that is able to win all fights.

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