See the lies, find the truth.

Many teachers already said this, and it is true: Invert the messages, and ask yourself who is benefitting from them.

MSM equals lies.

Everybody knows by now the MSM are infiltrated reptilians, protecting their goals. They will only show something if it suits them. So that is the easy part.

Read and feel. If it resonates, it is true.

As David Icke already stated more then once, and he is right: The creatures that enslaved us, are very lowfrequent beings that cannot create themselves. Humans can, so they use humans to do that, create things. What they can do, and they do, is invert the truth into the opposite.

Lies are carefully woven around bits of thruth.

These beings can enter a host, as they are bodyless. They are demons. They however need a body to manifest themselves in the 3d world.

Get yourself some help.

A human being, when incarnating, gets 2 demons of his/her own, to accompany them during their life. This is not told the way it can be understood the right way. Because it is not understood by most of us, it is underestimated. But this fact is very important for our enemies, which are also demons.

Train the demons inside you, to become your power, and reward their loyalty.

If we understand, demons live inside us, but we can not see they do, we have to notice that fact another way. The Indians tell us a tale about two wolves, living inside us. The one we feed, grows. Let us simply call them: The white, and the Black Wolf.

We will have to distinguish between the two, and ask their name. It may take a while to hear/see the names. You will have to make sure you know their names.

How to feed your demon.

We will want them both to grow strong. To pull your chariot, you will need them both, to prevent moving in circles.

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