The End Times…

Turns out i was under the impression i was alone out there…

However, the millions are awaking, and times are rapidly changing..

This means information gets out into the world that brings the people of Earth together..

The urge of working together is obvious, because if we don’t, we’d might not be able to succeed in really freeing this planet of its oppressors. I do not write this to become famous. I simply became aware of being part of a larger picture, and the vibration becomes to a level that we massively regain our memory, thanks to many people who are in here with us, as wel as the Galactic Federation of Light, which is supplying us with the information we need to understand what we are doing here.

In the times before this post, i was not aware of the speed things had been moving of late. But now, it looks like we really have a chance to change this ‘reality’.

I will add some links here, from which i think they are really important, because i am under the impression people will read these posts, and if not, it is a place where i can find them myself, if necessary.

Important Links.

Fall of the Cabal:

Human Hunting Parties of the Elite:

Galactic Federation of Light:


From here, many sites can be found that are of great value to form an opinion based on real info instead of the lies and fakenews of the MSM.

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