… and then there was a lockdown…

Somewhere in Januari this year, 2020, the tyrants of the world created a hoax pandemic. A Plandemic. Because all the millions of people were waking up rapidly, and the Elite Cabal became afraid the people would end them. So they started to end us first, or so they thought…

Bill Gates thinks he is now in control of the health of the world, he is one of the orchestrators of this fake pandemic and the lockdown that followed.

He wants total control over the $62 billion vaccine market, and in the process mandatory KILL AS MANY AS POSSIBLE, or make all people docile and sterile with the newest untested nanotech-synthetic DNA – RNA changers.

For now, the people have not lynched him, but there are many trials going on to take the wrong people out. And since yesterday the people in Europe begun organizing protests, starting in many major cities in Germany, despite the ban on assembly, to protect, and take back human rights and the constitution. In the USA it had already started. Now we all wait for the army and the police, to take side of the population. I suspect the resistance will grow exponentinally over the coming weeks.

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