The Magic of life.

And how to be a Magician.

Dear reader, i do not pretend to own ‘the’ truth. Because there is not ‘one’ truth, to be owned, but there are many to know.

When a Human Being awakes from its slumber, it is time it realizes what and who it is.

Needless to say the slumber means the state we are kept in, to serve our elite rulers.

As soon as this Human realizes who he/she is, and recognizes where he/she is, the Magician awakes inside. (rest assured, this may take a while, it might even not happen at all..)

For those, that exactly understand what i am saying, i will continue. It is paramount, that we have to rid ourselves of all implanted rubbish first. A process that takes some time also. Our thoughts must be purified, to be used as a vehicle properly.

What to know about the so called ‘Rulers’.

There are less then one would expect, and despite they do the most to hide themselves from exposure, some of us already awoken, have tracked them down for us, so we know where we are up against.

First of all, the question is: Are these Rulers Human? To mark a level of consciousness, awareness, to deal with.

Imagination, Key to an unlimited amount of free energy.

First problem to solve, when awake, is to clean your thought of all that does not belong there, and hinders us to move freely. Because the rulers look upon us as slaves, and slaves do not move freely. So they do anything in their power to make us believe the reality they want us to see. This is completely different from their own perception. Because they are free, they think they can do what they want, and so, they can.

This has to be understood first, in order to free your mind, and become your genuine self.


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