About the Christ…

We must all know and acknowledge, that the Catholic church, or the Roman church, hyjacked the savior. They fed the first christians to the lions in arena’s, but when his message was found so strong, that followers willingly let themselves eaten by those lions, they decided to embrace this ‘savior’, and made their own believe system around him. I do not know if Jesus himself proposed to drink his blood and eat his body as remembrance, in his memory, as proposed by the catholic church, or that it just was made up by the church. I can understand that the followers would drink wine, and break bread, to remember him, and his miracles: Change water into wine, and multiply a few breads, to feed a crowd.

But that he specifically said: My blood, my body? Hmmm…. That seems more something to make people used to the drinking of blood, and the eating of human bodies: Vampirism and cannibalism. What the pedophile popes and high ranking church officials do. If jesus really said that, why would he do that?

But i might be mistaken.. it is all long ago, and who was really there at the time? I know that history is rewritten every day nowadays, so. I also know, that lies always are woven around a piece of the truth. So it is not impossible, that those two words, were not there when it al happened ‘live’.

Food for thought…

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