Draco’s still own Earth?

Both Draco’s and Annunaki still boss, despite rumors they weren’t anymore.

Draconians or Draconiers, are a cruel and very violent race with no remorse, no consceince and cooldblooded, which means no heart, and thus no empathy. They belong to the reptilians, and come from another galaxy, leaving a trail of destruction and theft through all our galaxy. They own many planets like Earth, which they use as a lab. Killed whole planets with their battlemoons, like the one in our orbit. Technically we cannot match them, and unaware of them gives them far too many advantages. Question is if we are able to get rid of them… without real help, i fear for the opposite.

They have two DNA strains, or double DNA, which makes them shapeshifters. When in human shape they are hardly recognizable, unless you know how to spot them. To make it more easy, they are infiltrated in every government on the planet, and all major organizaions. Like UN and WHO, but also all organisations which are connected, to create a unanimous powerstructure.

Exactly what we see now, all over the world. We, the people are totally not aware of the gravity of this fact. To them we are belongings, which they will more accurately state when we get our tags injected.

There was a rumor the draco left Earth in 2017. Now in 2020, it seems like the opposite. It seems much more have come, armouring up for the great cleansing of the lab. Because, as we all believed their lies during 12.000 years, we admit we are no more than their labrats. Only comfort (?) is that there are more planets like the one we live on, which are also theirs.

There are many people that have worked, and still do, with different kind of aliens. There are many species, even here on Earth, of which the majority of humanity has no clue at all, because of the illusion they were made to live in. All lies and untrue knowledge, which does not help us to find out what is really going on.

Few persons are dedicated to disclose the truth about aliens controling their planet, of which we think it is ours. We are just slaves, cattle, ready for the slaughter.

For some inside information watch these interviews: Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot: WILLIAM TOMPKINS: SELECTED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS – PART ONE Take your time for watching these, worth both time and trouble.

This man worked with several aliens, and is very natural about it.


His words about the eating of humans and the drinking of their blood: It is far worse…

There is little time left to act against radically changing our lives from slave to prisoner…

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  1. Why would you think every member of an alien species are violent and bloodthirsty human hunters? You obviously have never read the bible, and are quite unfamiliar with the roots of the Elohim. A pseudo-historian if you like.


      1. Hi Dick!

        Very few have, and survived..
        Marduk was known to be at the absolute top of the foodchain for about eternity..
        Now is assumed he is no more…


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