The lowest scum of the universe rules our Earth…

Time to put things in a row.

We all know what is really going on, we better connect the dots, to even get a chance to prevail in this war between good and evil. What do we know?

  • The creatures that rule this world, stole it, about 12.000 years ago.
  • It has been brought into a lower vibration to be able to live here, earlier.
  • They are very low vibration beings.
  • Which means they have no higher emotionality: No heart.
  • They have no consceince.
  • They can not create anything by themselves.
  • They are top manipulators, and great liars.
  • They created an illusion, so big, everybody fell for it.
  • They have 2 strands of DNA which makes them shapeshifters.
  • To extend youth, and stay in humanshape, they use human blood.
  • They prefer innocent blood, of babies, and children.
  • They manufacture drugs from Adrenaline glants, preferable of tortured children.
  • It is called Adrenochrome, and is widely used amongst actors, and the world elite.
  • Childtrafficing is their main cause. They steal about a million children a year, worldwide.
  • Everything is covered by corruption and blackmail, so no cases end up before a judge, worldwide. Only in holland, the Ndrangetha, the army of the vatican, which arranges the drug- and childtrafficing, pays 18 million euro’s a month to the rulers, to keep quiet.
  • They also have facilities where babies are grown, in mothers while in a coma.
  • The children are used in rituals to draw even lower beings to ‘sniff’ their energy, and in return grant power to those who ‘feed’ them.
  • If we don’t break this chain, we will not be able to win.
  • In Amerika Donald Trump is heavily involved in tearing apart this network, but it is vast, and the money involved is gigantic.
  • Many influencial people are involved in childtrafficing because it is very lucrative, and easier than drug trafficing.
  • The Vatican is heavily involved in every smuggle-trade on earth, tabacco, drugs, chidren. They are all pedophiles, and in their rituals, they eat the body and drink the blood of the savior Jesus Christ.
  • The signs they wear to recognise eachother become obvious, and will eventually become their undoing, because they can be recognised by those signs.
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg, there is more, much more…

They will have to be hunted down, or we will not be able to win our freedom, and our beloved Earth back, but instead, 90% of us will be exterminated in various ways.

I will disclose the ways used to kill us slowly, while enslaving us into debt, and make us believe we have to pay rent to live on our own planet, or pay taxes, for any number of ridiculous reasons, we all fall for.

Save yourself, support us.

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