Does it matter if you are in the game or not?

Here are a few questions that are in the ether right now:

  • Does the outside-world not change if you live in your own world?
  • Does the outside world really exist, or is it a hologram?
  • If everything is an illusion, is the changing of the world not also an illusion?
  • What should i know about the present to make the right choice?
  • Do past or future exist, or does all happen at the same time?
  • Does the outside world exist, or do i make it all up?
  • Is there a default standard behavior that shields you from negative changes?
  • Does it even matter which side you chose?
  • Is Good and Bad not also an illusion?
  • How can you difine ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’?

Leaving you with these questions is perhaps the best thing to do. As these times are a perfect scenario to become depressed, or the opposite: Breaking free, see the light: Know the real values, and live Love and Respect, according Cosmic law, and not in this upside down illusion of a world, those thieving liars created for themselves, to keep us as cattle and slaves?

The only person that knows the answers to these questions is you.

  • Are we the only intelligent species in the universe?
  • Why arent we told about the collaboration of our so called ‘governments’ with several alien races provable since at least 1937?
  • Is that because the aliens that rule us don’t want to loose their power?
  • Why does the Galactic Federation only land on Earth after the ‘governments’ give full disclosure?
  • What is the reason for them to land anyway?
  • Is it because we are in some kind of danger concerning the boost of the central sun, every 12.000 years?
  • Why do we believe lies, but not truth?
  • Is that because we can not find truth?
  • Why are we lied to about the real history of the Earth, and the real timeline?
  • Why aren’t we told about the moon which is an old battlestation, and stationed in Earth’s orbit, after the destruction of the planet Maldek, which rubble is still drifting around at the place it once was?
  • Why aren’t we told about the destruction of Lemuria, 900.000 years ago, by throwing one of the two belonging moons on the Earth, so it sunk?
  • Why aren’t we told about the destruction of Atlantis, about 250.000 years ago, by throwing the second moon on it?
  • Why aren’t we told that the abuse and mistreatment of our Earth led to the lower vibration, that caused the cut-off of the higher dimensions, leading to the fact that humans lost acces to them, and only had acces to the lower 4, causing consciousness narrowing, and the proper frequency and dimensions for our oppressors: The low vibrational Draconians, rude, selfish, emphatyless beings, and later for the also low vibrational Annunaki, who rule us for about 12.000 years now, of which the last 2000, a narrowed down version of the History, and lies about they created us, is the time we live in?
  • Why did nobody tell us?
  • Why didn’t ‘they’want us to know?
  • Where they afraid of loosing their power, if the lies became visible?
  • Why did nobody tell us that our human race has DNA of at least 10 alien species?
  • Are they scared we learn the truth now?
  • Is that why suddenly a world dictatorship has to be established?
  • Or is it something else that those who want to rule protect their bloodlines?
  • Is it not because they don’t belong here, but just claimed our Earth, and us with it?
  • Isn’t it about time we took our Planet back from those selfish, thiefish, lying, psychopatic scum?
  • Isn’t it about time we took all they stole back, and devide it equally?

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