The Enormous Effort…

I notice that it becomes more difficult to stay course every day.. Chemtrails sprayed upon us, plants, animals and people, reduce the oxygen, and put lots of hazardous stuff in the air. All for the ’cause’: Get as many people immobilized as possible. Sick people are more easy to control, and with the poison they call medicine, people can be controlled much better, and bring in a lot of money to the bigpharma.

The cartels rule. There are however contradicting interests: The banking cartels think that people are more easy to control when they don’t have enough money, but the consumer market cartels think that people need money to buy products. Global food and Bigpharma work as one.

The rulers were able to brainwash the need for 3 meals a day into the world population. At one Dolar per meal per person, that is 8,5 billion per meal per day. Now they try to make us believe that it is better to use 7 meals a day! Bigpharma already succeeded in creating at least 7 poisons that have to be used simultaneous, as they are dependant on eachother. Very clever. They put addictional stuff inside, which causes withdrawal symptoms when you stop using them, to make people believe they really need it. Do not use those poisons for a longer time, and the withdrawal symptoms will vanish, as soon as your liver has gotten rid of those poisonous substances. The resason for this behaviour is simple: Earnings are better when selling 7 poisons, instead of one. The profits are gigantic.

The people are too numb to see through these lies, as they still trust advertisements from men in white coats, and their governments.

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