The making of mistakes, is the only state in which you really learn.

You must make yourself able to see (a) mistake(s) you make, and admit them, to be able to understand what exactly you did wrong. How to fix that mistake, is another thing…

To refer to this, people read a blog i wrote, liked it, and commented on posts, using a phones keyboard with big fingers. It looks like how a drunk speaks.. šŸ˜‰

But i can see the same wrong keystrokes i experience when i type with a small keyboard, so i understand what is written, and i love the first posts/replies on something i wrote.. ā¤

The replies were marked spam by akismet. There were also links to websites at the end of the reply. And i removed the links, but i do not know why i did it. I did not change the text, or corrected any wrong keystrokes… Why did i remove he links? I have no real clue…

I tried to understand why these replies were marked spam. They were a few days old, before they were noticed by me, as i am not as deep ‘into the blog’, as i would like i was…

Because the bloggerapparatus, also, is a kind of magic. And can be very powerful magic, if used the right way, and i want to use it the right way, i want to learn how i have to do it, and why, because i am in need to reach many people that want to stand by me, knowing i am the defender of truth and freedom, and completely genuine.

So, i want to see the mistakes i make, fix them, and preferably not make the same mistake twice. Sometimes, however, it is unavoidable to make the same mistake again, when the answer i thought was right, was not.

There is no shame in the making of mistakes. When we are children, we play, we experiment, we learn: We climb, we fall down, we get up again, as many times as is necessary to learn how to walk, climb, run, you name it. Cut yourself some slack. There has to be room for mistakes. We are not perfect gods yet, we are learning gods.

We must be aware of the mistakes we make, if we don’t, we will not be able to escape the circles that try to contain us, and we will not be able to move on.

There were replies to a post, i did not know existed. How did that post get there? So i suspect, i got help. I liked the way that post worked, looked like magic.. ā¤

I hope my mistake, to remove the links, if that was a mistake, will not gain me ungrace.

And then there was also an url behind my name, that did point to an old turkish page, which has nothing to do with me at all. I thought changing it to the right url would correct that, but it did not…

So, as you all can see, nobody knows everything, but together we know more. Everybody has a unique knowledge, which makes every person useful. We are all useful, because of what we know, and can do. And i want to be a person who is able to make you see your own value. In oposite to governments, who only want to make us feel small. I want my readers feel the love that ignites the appreciation of yourself, love yourself for who you are.. ā¤


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