I write, because i am compelled to…

No day’s energy is the same as the previous one…

Sometimes it seems the world of ‘them’ is catching up with my shadow…

When that is, i have to concentrate, and pull a cloaking spell over my shadow again.

Because i know they hunt, and if they find me, they want to take everything from me. I know this, because that happened to me several times. And i can fight, but then i play their game, and even if i win, i loose. Quietly, over time, ‘psycho-path’ has invaded all. The Bankingsystem, well, we know, we should tear down the whole system, and start with another set of rules. The government has given in to bribes and corruption, and this should vanish also. Smallminded people, with very big ego’s have taken over the world, and care only about themselves. Adicted to power and money. Now they have usurped all the wealth and power, they think they own the place, and act like that. They start judging what would be best. There are too many people, that is true. But they are all me too. So how to decide who must die? They have set a goal. 2030. The worldpopulace has to be reduced with 95%. The greedy ones, have taken all the chances from the people. All the money, the opportunity, all gone. Next to that, they bomb us with chemicals, sprayed over our heads, from airplaines.

That is their game. And i won’t play it. Because in my world, it is not like that. Sure, all money and opportunity has been reduced drasticly, but we switch into survival mode, and another set of skills, and everything changes to Indigenous, sort of.

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