Does the question: ‘What is the use, purpose, meaning of life?’, Get you anywhere?

The answer to this question is very simple: Not really.

Why not?

Because the answers will put you down, unless you can look around them.

What do i mean by that?

The answers are similar and boil down to the fact that there is absolutely no meaning, purpose, or use in life at all. So, if you expected to find one, you will be dissappointed, and become depressed.

However, asking this question, will lead eventually to other questions, like: What am i doing here?

The answer to this question is highly interresting: Whatever you like!

And now we are getting somewhere! Because this means we have to become aware of what we want to do, and how to achieve that.

And these questions are the interresting ones… they really get us somewhere: Home: Where we want to be.

Do you like the illusion you live in?

If you like the illusion you live in, there might be pre-sets to spend your time, and it is of no further use to you, to follow this blog any longer.

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